Month: May 2015

1950 Ford Before and After Collage

May 2015 Before and After

Although we have not managed to show any proof, we actually have been quite busy.  Especially since we are not even officially full time with this business until next week.  What has been enjoyable for us so far is the fact that each of the projects have been rather different.  We see that trend continuing […]

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Camp Creek Threshers Where Nebraska Dustless Blasting will be sometimes

Waverly Camp Creek Threshers Swap Meet

This morning Kyle and his Dad (and the dustless blasting machine) are hanging out in the Waverly, Nebraska, area.  Today is the Camp Creek Threshers Swap Meet.  The best news for you might be that there is free admission to enjoy looking around at the plethora of old tractor and car parts along with some flea market […]

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