1950 Ford Before and After Collage

May 2015 Before and After

Although we have not managed to show any proof, we actually have been quite busy.  Especially since we are not even officially full time with this business until next week.  What has been enjoyable for us so far is the fact that each of the projects have been rather different.  We see that trend continuing in the future, and I think we will enjoy determining exactly what is our niche.

Sign Post Collage

This sign post was covered with layer upon layer of paint.  Possibly several decades worth.  That is not the case anymore.  We have the picture showing our finished product, but if you drive by now, you would see a black post.  One nice layer only.


1950 Ford Before and After Collage

How can you not be excited about getting to be a part of the restoration of a classic truck?  They do not make them like they used to do.  Already this truck has been primed, but we were told that the actual repainting will come later.  Hopefully we can get a picture of the final product.

53 Foot Trailer Collage

We didn’t exactly plan on doing such a large project right away, but this truck moved our direction.  The guys were great to work with, and you just may see this very truck in your neighborhood.  Of course, this 53 foot trailer will also be spotting a new logo.  Bye, bye “Atlas” – hello, “Nebraska Land.”

We will continue to post projects just in case you enjoy transformation as much as we do.  Hopefully they will also inspire you to tackle your own projects.


  1. That is really cool! I honestly had no idea what dustless blasting was before. :) Best of luck in this. It looks amazing.

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