Bruning Bank Before and After Collage

Bruning Bank Sign Blasted

I  have a feeling that based on the specialty process of our dustless blaster, we will be blasting lots of cars.  And trucks.  And other driving things.  Since my husband grew up a car guy, this is a good thing for him.  Especially since with vehicles, the before and after are often only several hours apart once you start the blasting process.  That always brings a sense of satisfaction.

Bruning Bank Sign Before Collage

Yet getting to complete other projects at times will help add a bit of needed variety to the life of my blaster. When the Bruning Bank of Bruning, Nebraska contacted us and wanted help to restore their original bank sign, we were definitely interested.  Anytime you can preserve an important piece of the past that is a good thing in our book!

Bruning Bank Sign After Blasting

Now I think this project may be more fun for me to look at then it possibly was for Kyle to complete.  Removing layers of paint from a sign requires a lot of work!  But we are pleased with the finished result and more importantly, so were they.  Hopefully when they finish their bank remodel, we can get a picture of the freshly painted sign.

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