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Grant Built Peterbuilt Sleeper Cab

’97 Peterbuilt Sleeper Cab Blasted for Grant Built Trucks

Rainy days.  That pretty much describes Nebraska’s spring and summer so far.  While we work with water and can work in water, lightning is not your friend when you are trying to blast anything outdoors.  Thankfully Grant Built Transportation out of Fairmont, Nebraska was patient with us as we kept having to wait for the storms […]

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Bruning Bank Before and After Collage

Bruning Bank Sign Blasted

I  have a feeling that based on the specialty process of our dustless blaster, we will be blasting lots of cars.  And trucks.  And other driving things.  Since my husband grew up a car guy, this is a good thing for him.  Especially since with vehicles, the before and after are often only several hours apart once you start the blasting […]

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1950 Ford Before and After Collage

May 2015 Before and After

Although we have not managed to show any proof, we actually have been quite busy.  Especially since we are not even officially full time with this business until next week.  What has been enjoyable for us so far is the fact that each of the projects have been rather different.  We see that trend continuing […]

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