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Bulls Collage Fremont Car Swap Meet

Fremont Car Swap Meet this Saturday and Sunday (June 27-28)

 This Saturday and Sunday (June 27th and 28th), we will be in Fremont, Nebraska for the swap meet presented by Swappers, Inc.  Although they primarily have automobile parts and such, this is the official announcement from their website. Car Parts, Coins, Antiques, Crafts, Toys, Antique Tractors, Baseball Cards, Guns and Collectibles. All Are Welcome If you […]

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Camp Creek Threshers Where Nebraska Dustless Blasting will be sometimes

Waverly Camp Creek Threshers Swap Meet

This morning Kyle and his Dad (and the dustless blasting machine) are hanging out in the Waverly, Nebraska, area.  Today is the Camp Creek Threshers Swap Meet.  The best news for you might be that there is free admission to enjoy looking around at the plethora of old tractor and car parts along with some flea market […]

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Speedway Motors Car Swap Meet April 25th

Today Kyle is hanging out down at Speedway Motors (342 Victory Lane) in Lincoln.  This is our first public appearance with the dustless blasting machine.  Not sure that he is going to demonstrate or anything today, but you can at least go and see this new 30 foot trailer addition to our life. (Photo credit: […]

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Arrival of Dustless Blasting Machine

Arrival of our Dustless Blasting Machine

Last week our family took a trip down to Houston to get our new dustless blasting machine.  While that was definitely our focus, we were able to have some fun along the way including going to the gulf and to watch the Astros play.  After too short of a time, we began our long, long […]

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One Week Until …

Guess what it is almost on its way to Nebraska? Our machine. Exactly one week from today, we will be ready to start having a blast!!!!!! Interested in having some work done?  If you e-mail us some pictures of your potential projects ( on or before Wednesday April 15th, we would be delighted to give […]

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Recap of our First Event: The Lincoln Car Swap Meet

Our first car swap meet as vendors was quite fun.  Although Kyle and his Dad (and lately our older boys) have attended many times, being on the other side of the table was a new adventure.  What was the best thing was seeing familiar faces of friends and former business associates.  Kyle’s Dad was with […]

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Nebraska Capitol in Lincoln Photograph for Nebraska Dustless Blasting